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Communication between team mates is vastly important.  Simply because other members of the team won't know what is going on, unless you tell them.  Following are the most important things that you need to communicate between players on the same team, and examples as to how.  Many times one should include more information, such as direction, and who it involves.  One may find that having names for certain locations in the arena make describing locations much easier.  Since left and right are relative terms.

Player is hit
example [player name]  is down , I'm down
knowing when one of your team mates is down is very useful,  because then you know not to expect any cover, from him/her.  Equally should one be wasting shots at a down opponent, one would vastly appreciate knowing so before one burns several hundred shots in their general directions.

Player is out of E
example [player name] is out of E, Out of E
knowing when you cannot count on the support of a team make is very useful.  Equally knowing when one doesn't have to deal with a player for however long it takes him/her to re-energize allows you to at least temporarily have an extra player.

example lost [player name], leaving here
knowing when you cannot count on the support of a team make is very useful.  Equally when you think your all your opponents are being kept busy, one will not be as wary for attacks.  

Throwing  a bomb
example Bomb!
A bomb is a very powerful weapon, one which often makes a player invincible hence knowing when an opponent is bombing can mean the difference from having an entire team being hit, versus just one player.  It is usually not advisable to announce when you are bombing...

Call for help
example [number of opponents shooting at you]!
Don't be afraid to call for help, getting beaten like a Newbie will only result in your teams defeat.  Call for help.

Seeing a player
example [player name] direction
Not knowing an opponent is coming is a sure way to get hit, telling your team who is coming and where from will allow them those extra necessary milliseconds to prepare for the attack.  This is especially useful when a player is right behind some one.

Base hits

example Base Hits [color]
Often it is wise for a single player, or several players to keep track of the teams base hits.  Hence this call is for when it is time, or almost time to attack the base.

Order of Coming up
example [player] is up [order first second third etc].
When you know a player will be up and hence venerable first several players can work tougher against several other players to maintain the advantage the goes along with being up.  Simply by hitting the player who comes up first, as soon as he comes up a team or group of players can maintain this advantage.