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There are several different types of bases, and different games treat bases differently.  
Some entirely ignore them, also Actual reality puts out several different types of bases.
Some look no different then the downloading box's, and the extreme bases look like some kind of strange alien tripod.

At some sites destroying the base is a guaranteed or almost guaranteed victory.  Often the second base destroyed is not worth as much as the first.  Some even  prevent both bases from being destroyed. At these locations it is even more important to get ones hits on time.  An easy way to do so is to either have one player per team keeping track of the base hits and yelling to the rest of team.  Or simply after one hits the base noting the time one hit it, and then returning after the delay time. 

Almost always there is a different sound for an invalid hit (hitting it to early or before another player has), a valid hit, recharging, low energy and base destroyed.

At some arenas in some games it is possible to recharge your own base, in which case it may be wise to do so.  Often right after one hits ones opponents base, one should return to their own base recharge, and repeat.  Paying particular attention to either base should it give off the low base energy sound.

At some sites it is impossible to score two hits in a row on a base. Meaning that some one else, who may have or not have to be on the same team as you, has to hit it before you can again.

Extreme bases have a power meter on the side of them, allowing one to tell, at a glance the current state of a base.  While your base may still be in the green, it can tell you that is wounded none the less by flashing.  This might be a good time to recharge  it.