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Almost all players CAN quick trigger it is after a fairly basic skill.  However the Quick trigger player type relies heavily on this skill.  While most players are content putting out a measly 6-8 shots a second most quick triggers fire 10+ shots a second.  Merely by putting out more shots the Quick trigger puts down more packs, with less challenge, more accurately.  

Quick trigger generally spend most of their time sniping or standing.  While sniping the Quick trigger tries to put as much distance between himself/herself and his target hence "forcing" them to return with quick trigger fire.  This being a game that the other player cannot hope to win.  After one player is down the Quick trigger moves on quickly to the next target. Hits several of them. Then likely attempts to find a new hidey hole before the Calvary comes.  

On the other hand sometimes its just better to stand in a large group of enemies and shoot at everybody really, really fast.  Here the Quick trigger must pay attention to his best/most likely target is.  Sometimes its just best to take some one down who isn't shooting at you, rather then only possibly tagging the one who is.  Here is where shot rate really pays off.

In closing a Quick trigger may be able to duel, he just rather shoot you 13 or so times right down the barrel of the gun.  The only thing that makes a quick trigger is that he/she usually does.  And spread the love around, you shoot fast enough don't you?