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Ghosts seem to have a very odd morale code.  The golden rule of ghosting is "Do unto others and get out of there before they can do unto you". While that may seem cowardly, so what your hit I'm not.  Many seem to think that if you don't duel your ghosting.  This is a horrible misconception.  True ghosts spend most of their time being invisible, but stealth its not their primary trick.  Any one can make no noise, and keep low.  A ghost needs to have a better idea of what is going on in the game. Ghosting is all about getting the drop on another player or getting them to drop themselves.  Ghosts tend to Quick trigger more then anything else.  

Ghosting is not walking around and just ending up on someone's six.  There is really a second action, ghosting.  What the difference? When you ghost some one, your know they're there.  You set up what you think your best shot is.  Then you take it.  You know where he is, you wait until he's where you want him to be then shoot him/her. 

A ghost needs to have almost an instinctual understanding of where every player is.  Not only so he/she will know where their opponents are when they decide to "fade back in" and actually kill some one.  Then they need to know which direction to go, to a less dangerous situation.  Should they find they have no way of losing/beating an opponent they must know where to go for help. 

While knowledge of the arena will pay of for any player type, a ghost who knows the arena is in top form. A ghost needs to know where they can go to hide or lose a person.  Knowing the "paths" players follow in an arena helps because you can easily meet them where they least expect it.  Also this helps prevent them from having any nasty surprises.  

Lastly we come to what ghosting really about.  Deception.  Nothing is nearly as fun as watching a player "chase" you down a corridor, that you clearly didn't go down.  Doubling back after just leaving a fray often gets you a free shot one some one.  Sometimes even stopping for a couple seconds, then turning around will make opponents think you "left".  A favorite trick of many ghosts for loosing a player is to make it look like you have no intention of leaving.  Until he/she turns their head, at which time you turn and run.

 Remember even though your wearing a white sheet.. They shouldn't see you..