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Tag 101 Tag 101 Tag is a hard game.  Don't be fooled. Some people just make it look easy.  When you first play, against experienced players you will most likely lose.  Don't be discouraged.  This is very basic primer that can help you play tag.  

It is recommended that you continue your search to the rest of this site for information.  

First pay attention to the briefing, as much as it pains you.  You will learn how to bomb (if they exist in that type of game), how to shoot, where to re-energize etc.  

Pay particular attention to where the sensors are, many players make the bad mistake of aiming for parts of the body that don't count.  

The gun is the best target (as long as the sensors are turned on) because there are two sensors on the gun, both register hits.

Try to keep your sides pointed towards your enemy, your front and back sensors are better targets then your shoulder sensors are.

Don't put your gun into the way an enemy is shooting.

Try to take people from behind.  

Cover your Team mates.
Try to keep the speed up, but at safe levels.  Jet Fighters have a saying.. Speed is life.

When you get in the arena keep your wits about you. Remember where you last saw your enemies. Try not to stay in the same area for two long. 

Remember Tag isn't an easy game. There is much to learn, even once your learned it you still have to practice it.
Good luck, Tagger.