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Stealth 101 Stealth
One cannot as easily fight, that which he doesn't know exists

Many player types can benefit at least somewhat from stealth skills.  Stealth is deceptively easy and hard at the same time.  Its a combination of laying low, using obstacles effectively, knowing which directions players are, or are likely to be looking.  And making as little as possible sound.

Ones stance can greatly affect how easily one is seen, it is often advantageous to bend ones legs to reduce your height.  This reduces the chance that your opponents, who will often be looking at their own eye level, from noticing you.  Equally so staying low can turn a small obstacle into an effective means of avoiding detection.

Paying attention to which way a player is looking can make sneaking up close enough to kill them much easier.  Groups of players often look only in the direction of their most obvious opponents totally ignoring other possible directions of attack.  Equally if you know where you opponent is, and he doesn't know where you are you have the definite advantage.

Making little sound is often as easy as removing excess change from ones pockets.  And practicing landing your feet evenly and lightly.  Also avoiding certain parts of the floor, such as ramps which often make more noise then other, can help make one undetectable. Muffling the sounds of ones speaker can also reduce the amount of noise you make.  Covering the laser blinds you and your opponent equally.  Though this may be illegal at some arenas.

Go forth, and be stealthy.