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There are three basic ways to shoot the gun.  The forth more advanced way to shoot, called quick triggering is explained elsewhere.  Every method requires use of the two front sensors.  

Single Shot
Each and every single time you pull the trigger back past the triggering location (where the shot is actually fired)  your gun will shoot a shot.  So long as you have your fingers on the front two sensors or that the front sensor circuit is closed in some other way.  This is the most basic method of firing.  

Rapid Fire
Should one close the two front sensors circuit with say ones fingers.  Then pull and hold the trigger back behind the triggering location, the gun will after a short delay start shooting.  It will continue like this until you get hit, run out of energy, or release the trigger or the sensors.  

Rapid fire has one advantages and several disadvantages of the single shot. It fires for you, at a rate of about 3 shots per second.  Meaning one can shoot from angles not normally possible.  

However its shot rate is far lower then is possible from say, just pulling the trigger.  The half second delay is a perfect time for you to get shot.  It can waste shots, if that sort of things matters, and lastly some sites rob you of your shields when rapid firing.  

Some times at some sites, its useful, otherwise leave rapid fire for the Newbies.

Bombs are the most powerful of the three basic shooting methods because it ignores shields.  Irregardless of how many shields your opponent has he still can be hit by a bomb. You can fire a bomb by pulling in the trigger, then closing the front sensor circuit.  A bomb can obviously on be fired when you have one. A bomb takes about a half second to start and then lasts for another 3.5 or so seconds.  Be sure you do not release either the front sensors or the trigger during the bomb or you will loose part of it.  At certain sites a player is invincible, even to other bombs, while bombing. However after firing a bomb, depending on the site, you may be robbed of your shields. Making you an easy target.  Also after you have fired a complete bomb it is impossible to bomb again instantly afterward even if you have another one, should you cut it short however....

Effective use of bombs is critical, one should try to fire every possible bomb, simply because of the power of them.  A bomb can be used to take out several opponents at in one fell swoop.  One should try to save bombs for citations where you are already low on shields or have several opponents in close proximity. 

You can tell an opponent is bombing because his pack will not respond to getting hit in an way.