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Right after the game is explained to you, your friendly neighborhood game marshal will explain the rules and inform you about how he/she deals with infractions.  Following are a bunch of sample rules and how they might interpret them.  It is often wise to ask what they mean by specific rules.

No Running.
Running is defined as "a gait were both and or all feet are not on the ground at any times" thank you Daniel Webster. Hence running is technically only moving with booth feet of the ground at some point in your motion.  However many places, and marshals, take this to be a speed based thing.  Note skipping, hoping, or doing a silly walk (possibly from the ministry of silly walks) is not necessarily against the rules

No jumping/climbing on, to, from, or over, obstacles or walls.
The operative word here is obstacle.  Its point to be in your way to block, prevent, impede progress from one point to another.    Basically don't do an action (verb) to a obstacle, or you will get yelled at.

No stalking.
Stalking generally means to follow.  Hence should a player make it obvious that he is attempting to get away from you, let him. You'll see him/her again later.  This is not illegal in ATA tournament play.  Please note, if your opponent is too foolish to move away, please with my blessing, keep shooting him/her.

No physical contact.
Don't touch any other player.

No covering sensors.
Technically according to ATA( and our good friend mister dictionary) covering means  to place something over a sensor, to remove it from view.  What a site means when they say this however is very varied.  I would recommend this of all rules be asked about.