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Ghosts are players who rely heavily on stealth skills.  Even though they may be a quick trigger or a dueler more quick triggers are ghosts.  Ghosts attempt to avoid confrontation instead choosing to sneak up on or snipe at their opponents. Ghosting is not entirely about Stealth.  It is also about attacking your opponent from an angle or direction he/she doesn't expect, and then not being there for him to shoot you back afterwards.  This is the art of the assassin, the deceiver, and the sniper for a ghost plays out each role in most games.  Even the small half second drop that can easy be gotten on most players with effective ghosting is enough to score a hit. 

Often one can gain the advantage of surprise simply by doubling back after leaving, or by quickly coming at him from another direction.  Eventually your foe may expect these attacks, giving you a clue that it is time to attack another less suspecting player.  

Shooting ones opponents, preferably in the back, then quickly moving on to another, or simply changing directions can confuse ones opponent as to where the shot(s) came from.  Should your   opponent decide to give you chase, it is often quite easy to loose them.  Moving in a circular pattern around obstacles or walls several times, then randomly going a different way, is often enough to loose a player.  Moving quickly away then ducking behind a wall once out of sight often allows you the joy of watching your opponent "chase" after you down some wrong corridor.  Finally if when hit you show no intention of leaving, then your opponent decides to look some where else, this is often a good time to make your escape.

You don't have to be fast or short to be a ghost, though it certainly helps.  But if your stupid, your playing the wrong player way.