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What to wear Clothing/Preparation

As the British should have quickly learned  during the American Revolution what you wear can affect how easily you are seen.  In laser tag it isn't really as important that you wear camouflage, but keeping your self color coordinated with the arena certainly helps.  The most important parts are that.

  1. You aren't wearing heavily bleached white clothing, because phosphates, a chemical common in bleach is backlight (ultraviolet light) responsive.   Hence a white shirt, may suddenly on entrance into your local tag arena turn into a large sign that says "shoot me please, I'm glowing"
  2. Your clothing doesn't clash with the walls, wearing black in an all white arena, or green in a blue arena helps you stick out.  Black is often the color of choice for arena walls, and is hence a good choice for clothing.  
  3. Hats with white on them be removed.  Your head is the only way you can see something, while wearing a white hat, it often becomes easily apparently not only where you head is, but then therefore where the rest of you is.
Further it is advisable to empty your pockets as much as possible, possibly into your car,  before entering the laser tag arena.  The roll of quarters you have in your pocket may further your goal to impress the ladies, or play arcade games will do little but smack loudly and painfully against your legs as you play.  Further clinking change, cell phones, and pagers are notorious for giving off ones location.  Lastly anything in your pockets reduces your mobility and just plain old weighs you down.

As one player learned wearing a belt may be a good idea.  Moving around the arena with your gun in one hand, and your pants in another will often result in you getting shot, or your pants being around your ankles or being shot while your pants are around your ankles.  Neither being a particularly good situation.

There you go, your ready to play.  Good luck.