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Outpost Outpost Ok heres how outpost works there are three things you can be
  1. Soldier
  2. Planter
  3. Remover
The goal in outpost is to turn all the boxes and bases to your color. They can be Red, Green or Yellow (Neutral).
You can only re-energize at a box that is your color or Neutral. When all bases and boxes are held by a certain team a
siren will go off, if the team can manage to hold it for 20 seconds they will score 150,000 points.
A team automatically wins if it holds the bases and boxes once, and the other team fails to. In the event of a tie (i suppose)
the winning team is decided by points.


10 Lives
Unlimited Ammo
2 Bombs Per Minute
8 Shields
They don't do anything special.


5 Lives
125 Shots
0 Bombs
5 Shields
1000 Points Per Flag Plant
Planters have the special ability to change a yellow box or base to their respective color.


5 Lives
125 Shots
0 Bombs
5 Shields
Removers have the special ability to change a box or base to Neutral so long as it was the opposite teams color.

For the upcoming tournament you get 4 Soldiers, 2 Planters, and 2 Removers