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Taggin Without A Cause  You knew that I was coming Taggin Without A Cause Over 18
You knew that I was coming 'cause you heard my name. But you don't know my game and felt my beam. Can't read my brain but you read my stats. And got scared when you heard that I was coming with my lights on. Now don't even trip, be a man instead. Give thanks I'm green when I should be red. I'm in the red 'cause there’s a point to be proving. People claimin' that they know my game, but they only know a portion. I'm gonna bomb players and tag the base. Don't get scared now, you knew this day would come. So clip your packs, the vesting door has closed. And fuck all you hoes. 'Cause it's been a long time comin' But I finally broke ...like an egg yolk, taggin aint no joke. Like some uncut dope motherfucker the game is to blame. Same game, same name, ain't a damn thing changed. No bunny hunter, I ain't no hoe, fuck the slander...comin' from the Duo. Watch me duel like a beam of rage, Self-made and paid and sawed off 12 gauges. Up that *** for the 9-8. Never fake, shake, straight from the Star Base. Five years on dueling comin' correct. Flat out...you diss me punk, that's when I put a vest on. And I get to buck-buck-bucking... ane ****-****-*******your hoes. 'Cause they know who's runnin' this tourney, Top Dog...I'm the C-E-O. Role model, your mother-******* H-E-R-O. My motto, "Be The game...Keep taggom'." Don't sleep, shp rolls Js in a hotel room. A hundred Js on 5 blokes. We bust Outkast II and Dienasty. We float like butterflies, sting like queen bees. Strapped with AR vest straight from the Canadians. What the fuck is goin' on in the Arena Bunch of white boys taggin' like the NSA. And it's all good...I got love for my taggin brothers. We roll thick...lay beam like strobe lights. Anybody taggin with you and I'm gonna duel 'em.

Taggin without a cause...I'm gonna break a million. I'm gonna break a million. I'm Gonna break a million. We're gonna break a million. Taggin without a cause...I'm gonna break a million.

Yeah we come to tag, so get ready everybody. Yeah we come to tag it.

I went from Cville and LITs at Damon’s. To Allentown and Fahita London broils.. From hangin' with rednecks and wrecking the paintball world. To gettin' much respect from top tourney players. The cool taggers’ comin' up to call you out. So shut up now or put a AR vest on. Bet your *** hoss I ain't forgot. When my vests were tossed in Ohio and left to rot. Used to call me newbie when my game was ******* rusty. Now my taggin buddies gettin' fucking' Michael Jordan reps. Mother fucker want to claimthey fucked you. But when I was broken and down I never seen them around. All the shit you talked, all the plans you made. I did it without you... got the same old team. No 12 a second beams...it seems like a movie. Bought 2 cases, cargo pants, and jersey. No more bitches...only taggin hoes. Couple when it rains and a few when it snows. A brand new trigger to go along with my vest. And a arena made out of 24 karat. Bought a couple hats that place me in the spotlight. And they look better than yours and all the **** you wear. Step inside my shoes, you couldn't fill 'em hos. You’re too old to tag...too soft to duel. Already did what most love shout.5 years on tag and I still aint broke out. And there ain't no doubt...in my mind. That I'm gonna run power over you test of time.

I'm gonna break a million. I'm gonna break a million. I'm gonna break a million. Were gonna put you negative..

Taggin without a cause...I'm gonna break a million. Straight out of the Star Base Alpha. 3 foot high...ready to get fly...Crazy Cue. I'm the C-U-E to the A hoe. Call me Cue...got more game than Yellow Snow. I'm a tagger hoe...call me sick. Three foot nine with a 15 a second beam. The ladies pick, I'm a crazy hick. And lay beam through taggers like a Woony downing Killians. It's my time so I'm gonna beam like Jimmi. Good as shit, but small as Kevin. Watch me tag...smoke some hash. You're raking grass while I'm Beating your ass. High ass accuracy like the dueler Smokey. And I'm down with The taggers.

Say we like to tag it, rock the arena. We like to tag it, rock the arena. We like to tag it, rock the arena. We like to tag it, rock the arena. You like to tag it, rock the arena. We like to tag it, rock the  arena. You like to tag, rock the arena.

Tagger without a cause...I'm gonna break a million!.