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Terms Of Service Tagger's Terms of Service

Users of Tagger use this service at their own risk. Tagger shall not be held responsible for any damage or injury due to use of information from this page.  Further all downloads are to at your own risk.  You have been forewarned. We will not be held responsible for anything resulting from your visiting this website.   You were warned.

Tagger reserves the right to deny or revoke membership/access. For whatever reason, even if that reason is we feel like it. Following is a list of guidelines by which members need abide:

No Illegal activities
Including but not limited to:

No racial, or discriminatory style posts

No inappropriate or falsified posts

No foul or inflammatory language in informational posts

No massively negative posts

No promoting your own website,  except in designated places or the site contains subject appropriate materials This rule is as are all of ours, subject our disgression.