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Taggers Goals Goals Because ya know, you gotta have goals.

  1. To promote Actual Reality.
  2. To run tournaments, increase their span and size, get them syndicated, and eventually offer prize money.
  3. Development of pack and IR strength testing standards.
  4. Creating a atmosphere where new Taggers can learn from the more experienced Taggers.
  5. To pass on to the world information of tag at large.
  6. To get more teams on the tournament circuit, competing from more sites.
  7. Promote and make easier the attendance of Tournaments.
  8. To Improve this site.
  9. To help generate a community for Actual Reality.
  10. To help Actual Reality site owners.
  11. To help a wounded actual reality recover.
  12. To check out veqtor, see if its the same.