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There is more to being a good Tagger then just being a good player.  How one acts and behaves in games is very important.  These following things can help you a ethical player.

  1. Compliment your opponents on their good shots.
  2. Save the Trash for Tournament/Real Games
  3. Don't anger the pubs.
  4. Apologize for collisions with your opponents, regardless of who caused them.
  5. Answer questions, and help others with technical problems.
  6. Be civil.
  7. Remember its only a game.
  8. Don't touch your opponents, attempt to respect their personal space.
  9. If your out of the game, because of injury etc. warn your opponents before you rejoin.
  10. Don't shoot a fallen opponent, at least wait till he stands up.
  11. Don't stalk a single opponent, spread the love. (except tournament play)
  12. Avoid unnecessary bunny hunting, and when you do don't tell them that they are the bunnies.
  13. Don't tell your opponents how good you are and when your done beating them they will tell you how good you are.